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Fun Art Class

My friend Lorna has been teaching art classes at Collage on Alberta Street. On Sunday I took one of her “Child’s Play” classes where you sit down with 15 post card sized blank pieces of canvas and spend four hours doing something creative with them.

It was fun. One great thing about the class is that all the materials you need are provided. Of course if you want to show up with your suitcase full of paints you can, but you can also just show up in your studio grungies and paint. Lorna did a great job instructing, and everybody in the class made some nice pieces. Two pieces I made are shown above.

Lorna’s website is here. Class schedule can be found here.

Recent work

hoichi's guide

On the topic of what I have been up to lately, I’ve finished (I think) the series of drawings that I started last year to go along with a story I wrote. Above is a piece titled “Hoichi’s Guide” which sold at the Portland Art Center in December. For those unfamiliar with Lafcadio Hearn’s Hoichi the Earless, click on the link to read the story. You’ll be glad you did. Right now I’m working on some more stories but also struggling with a general lack of direction.