Artist Resume


2014 Seven Virtues – Portland: “Transformations and Apparitions”
2010 Temporary space – Portland, OR: “SHARE 1st Anniversary show
2009 Show and Tell Gallery – Portland, OR: “Feeling: A Touching Show”
2007 Portland Art Center – Portland, OR: “It Takes a Village to Raise an Art Center”
2007 Portland Art Center – Portland, OR: “PDX Panels”
2007 Art of Change Gallery – Portland, OR: “Legacy of Change”
2006 Collage – Portland, OR: “The Trade Show”
1992 Rare Books Room, Univ. of Colorado Library – Boulder, CO: “The Art of the Book”
1992 Edge Gallery – Denver, CO: “Changing Seats on the Titanic”
1991 Core New Art Space – Denver, CO: “Practical Work”
1991 University of Colorado Galleries – Boulder, CO: BFA Exhibition
1991 Bill’s Grocery – Denver, CO: “20th Century Mistresspieces”
1989 UMC Fine Art Gallery: Boulder, CO: “Show2″
1988 UMC Fine Art Gallery: Boulder, CO: “Show”
1997 Ants!
Small press run of 300 copies with hand screenprinted covers
1996 The Durian Trilogy
50 copies each of three volumes, xeroxed and hand bound
1994 most of this is true
Small press run of 500 copies
1990 Everyday Dismemberment
50 copies xeroxed and hand bound
1989 Another and Again
Small press run of 25 copies, hand bound
2004 “Stories”
Narratives and an automated Sylvia Plath poetry generator written in Java
2000 “Mysteries”
Illustrated narratives exploring mysteries and history of San Francisco
1991 University of Colorado, Boulder
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting
Library of the Art Institute of Chicago
Art Books collection of the Univerity of Colorado, Boulder

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